Friday, February 26, 2010

The NFL Combine and Pat McInally

The NFL Combine just started and I was curious about the Wonderlic situational adaptation test that is given to the participating football players. This led me Pat McInally and some interesting information:

Pat McInally - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"He attended Harvard University, where he wore uniform number 87....

Paul Brown's practice of drafting intelligent players was, arguably, exemplified by the selection of Pat McInally, who scored the only verified perfect score on the Wonderlic Test, an intelligence test which was developed in the early 1970s that is given to prospective players by the NFL to judge their aptitude for adapting to certain situations.

According to McInally, "it really did seem like an easy test at the time. One of the reasons I did so well is because I didn't think it mattered. So I think I didn't feel any pressure at all. It was more of a lark, and that's when you do your best. If I took it 100 times I'd probably never do that again." [1] McInally claims it hurt rather than enhanced his position in the draft because "coaches and front-office guys don't like extremes one way or the other, but particularly not on the high side. I think they think guys who are intelligent will challenge authority too much." [2]

In a coincidental turn of events, Pat McInally joined the Wonderlic company to help student athletes prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test."

Ndamukong Suh at the ESPN

All the news about Ndamukong Suh at ESPN's

Want to Know What is Wrong with Husker Basketball under Sadler: Read this Team Analysis by Matt Cumro to Inside Texas : Right on the Money - Coaches Corner: Nebraska Preview
"Coach Matt Cumro, former Longhorn grad assistant and moderator of the Inside Texas Basketball Coaches Corner Forum, gives his in-depth preview of Saturday's Texas-Nebraska game in Austin, including opposing player tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and keys to the game."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 NCAA March Madness on Demand -

2010 NCAA March Madness on Demand -

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2010 NCAA® Championship

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Nebraska Cornhuskers Big Red Football Husker Signing Class for 2010

Nebraska Cornhuskers Big Red Football Husker Signing Class for 2010

Payton Plays to WIN: The Better Head Coach Wins Super Bowl XXXXIV (44) as the New Orleans Saints beat the hesitant Indianapolis Colts 31-17

We sensed that the New Orleans Saints might win this game toward the end of the first half, as Saints head coach Sean Payton, with his team trailing at that point 10-3, bravely went for a touchdown on 4th and goal from the 2-yard line, rather than kicking the sure field goal. Here was a head coach who was playing to WIN - a coaching attitude which spills over on to the players - a young Saints team with QB Drew Brees that seems to have a bright "winning" future ahead of it.

Not so the Indianapolis Colts under first-year head coach Jim Caldwell - whose days are surely numbered at that position - who, rather than playing to win, were playing offensively and defensively "not to lose" - which is often a losing proposition. After denying the Saints the 4th-down touchdown, the Colts, rather than going into their 2-minute offense and trying to march down the field and score again in the closing two minutes of the first half, played "chicken little" and ran the ball three times and had to punt, giving the Saints a totally unnecessary 2nd chance to score, which they did, kicking a field goal and reducing the Colts 10-3 advantage to 10-6. Here are the plays at the end of the first half from Yahoo Sports play-by-play:

Indianapolis - 1:49
1st-10, IND1 1:49 M. Hart rushed to the left for 4 yard gain
2nd-6, IND5 1:06 J. Addai rushed up the middle for 5 yard gain
3rd-1, IND10 0:51 M. Hart rushed up the middle for no gain
4th-1, IND10 0:35 P. McAfee punt. R. Bush returned punt for 4 yards

New Orleans - 0:35
1st-10, NO48 0:35 D. Brees passed to D. Henderson down the middle for 19 yard gain
1st-10, IND33 0:23 D. Brees incomplete pass down the middle
2nd-10, IND33 0:20 D. Brees passed to D. Henderson to the left for 6 yard gain
3rd-4, IND27 0:11 D. Brees passed to R. Bush to the left for 1 yard gain
4th-3, IND26 0:00 G. Hartley kicked a 44-yard field goal

Did the Saints now suddenly smell "fear" in the opposition?

Michael Silver's Morning Rush in Living on the edge pays off for Saints quotes Payton in the clubhouse at the intermission:
“Listen, we’re gonna run ‘Ambush’ to start the second half,” Payton told his players, referring to an onside-kick call the team had practiced repeatedly in the two weeks leading up to Sunday’s showdown with the Indianapolis Colts. “We’re playing this game to win it. We’ve got all the bullets; we might as well use ‘em. So you’d better get on that damn ball and make me look good.”
The kick was successful and the Saints went on to score the touchdown and take the lead. After trailing 10-0 to open the game, New Orleans outscored the hesitant Colts 31-7 over the course of the rest of the game, in spite of being outgained by 100 yards, 432 yards to 332 yards in total offense. When that happens and the team with fewer yards wins, the difference is otherwise turnovers or coaching, and in this game the difference was better coaching by the Saints, who played to WIN, while Indianapolis played not to lose.

Indianapolis won a lot of games in 2009 with a hesitant mentality because they have one of the best quarterbacks in pro football, the NFL MVP (see video), Peyton Manning, who often brought the Colts from behind this season to win in numerous close games (seven comeback wins in the regular season!). That won't happen next year. In the 2010/2011 season, if they maintain their current hesitant attitude, the Colts will find it hard to get into Super Bowl XXXXV (45), as other teams will learn from the Saints victory. You normally can not be a champion if you do not play to win. There are too many other good teams in the NFL.

We say this as a Steeler fan, where the Steelers have their own problems with a soon-to-be in our opinion - exit-headed - head coach whose defensive philosophy does not coincide with the defensive philosophy of Dick LeBeau and therein may be one subterranean reason for the Steelers disappointing 2009 season - less than top coaching at the helm.

As we have written previously at LawPundit in a posting titled The Key Secrets of Good Coaching & Leadership : Winning can be Taught & Learned : Personnel : Recruiting : Mentoring : Preparedness:
"Studies show that the difference between equally-talented champions and non-champions is the absence of fear in champions - they are not haunted by the fear of losing, but concentrate on the process of winning, doing what it takes to win, regardless of the specter of losing."

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nebraska Men's Basketball Team is Again Outcoached and Outplayed as Kansas wins 75-64

Doug Tucker, AP Sports Writer, in No. 1 Kansas rallies to beat Nebraska 75-64, writes:
"The noise in Allen Fieldhouse saved some Kansas players a little embarrassment Saturday night.

Nobody could overhear coach Bill Self chewing them out.

Whatever Self told them, it worked. Trailing Nebraska by four points in the opening minutes of the second half, the No. 1 ranked Jayhawks took their coach’s words to heart and went on a 16-1 tear, finishing with a 75-64 victory for their 55th in a row at home....

“We played for 10 or 8 minutes about as well as we’ve played at any point in time there in the second half,” said Self. “We turned it up and they didn’t get comfortable. We got a couple of easy baskets and then we made some shots. But yeah, I’d say our defense was the best during that stretch.”"
But what did opposing Nebraska basketball head coach Sadler say to HIS players at that same time?

Whatever he told them, it was the wrong thing - as Kansas outscored them 16-1 in the interval thereafter.

Time and again one can see that a top coach knows how to be a successful field marshal for his team whereas the vast brunt of average coaches are unable to do this.

John Wooden never let opposing teams do a 16-1 scoring run on his teams in his successful coaching era. Whenever he saw that the momentum of a game was changing, he did something to counteract it immediately, usually by calling time out swiftly and making an adjustment of some kind to stop the other team's scoring run, and also giving time for the opposing team's general momentum to wear off. Most coaches wait far too long to take action at precisely the stages of the game where the game is being decided on the court. They let the other team gather momentum, waiting for the other team to get them down by many baskets before they take action, and then it is usually too late. Breaking the other team's momentum at any time in the game is one of the basketball head coach's major responsibilities. Self did it. Sadler did not.

Nebraska made 10 of 17 three pointers and still lost by 11. How is that possible?
What were they doing the rest of the time?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Nebraska Basketball in 2010 : Boredom Pure?

Thursday notebook: Henry unhappy with Husker fans - College Basketball -

Our comment to that:

Nebraska is averaging under 60 points per game in conference play. YAWN.

As opposed to football, where defense is nearly everything, basketball has a lot to do with movement and being able to get the ball into the basket. You have to play defense but you also have to move.

Sports has something to do with entertainment.

The Pelini defense is entertaining to watch.

Is Sadler basketball entertaining?

We live in Europe and have never seen a game, but it sounds VERY BORING to us based on the news reports we read.

We remember from our student days in Huskerland players such as Stu Lantz and the era of Joe Cipriano,
"who brought the nickname “Slippery Joe’’ and up-tempo basketball to the Coliseum.
His teams pressed full-court and ran a fast-break offense, which led the Big Eight
in scoring average in 1966, 1967 and 1968."
What basketball entertainment and skills does the Sadler team offer?

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