Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kansas State Wildcats Could Win 11 Games if the Snyder Formulas Hold Up Again

Kellis Robinett at the Wichita Eagle reveals that K-State has a formula that leads to big things as regards its QBs in past successful college football seasons, and this could be another such season potentially under way.

If that theory alone were not enough, another "formula" is the K-State junior college recruiting (e.g. 2012), and according to the head coach Bill Snyder video interview at ESPN, K-State has one of the top JUCO classes this year.

Lastly, Ian Boyd at SB Nation and takes a very perspicacous tack at Demystifying Kansas State: When, why, and how are the Wildcats good?

Consider too that the Kansas State Wildcats beat the Michigan Wolverines 31-14 in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl to finish last season in a substantial process of improvement over the course of the entire season and you may begin to think like we do now, that K-State will be a dangerous opponent for currently more highly touted opponents on their schedule (Auburn, Oklahoma and Baylor -- all ranked in one or the other preseason top 10s).

Given what we have read in the above articles, we would definitely regard Kansas State as a potential Top 10 team in 2014, even though our own rankings, based mostly on last year's statistics, have them 31st in the preseason.

However, based on even those ratings, the Wildcats are only an average of one TD per game behind the 10th-placed team, and that margin could definitely be made good by a JUCO- strengthened team playing like veterans under a talented head coach and with a seasoned quarterback who knows his playbook.

2014 should be an interesting football season for Kansas State.

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