Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stanford University tops NCAA Division I college sports for 12th straight year

The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics reported on June 29, 2006 that:

Stanford Secures its 12th Consecutive U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup
Division I Final Standings

"Cleveland, Ohio - With the conclusion of the College World Series, Stanford University has continued its record winning streak in the U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup competition for the NCAA Division I. The Cardinal has won its 12th consecutive award, presented annually by NACDA, the United States Sports Academy and USA Today to the best overall collegiate athletics programs in the country.

The Cardinal completed the year with 1,197.375 points, surpassing runner-up UCLA by 126 points. Stanford won its 12th straight Directors' Cup with national championships in women's cross country and tennis and runner-up finishes in women's indoor track and field and men's water polo. The Cardinal placed 11 additional teams in the top 10.

Stanford teams placing in the top 10 were women's water polo (3rd), men's gymnastics (3rd), men's swimming (3rd), women's basketball (5th), women's swimming (5th), men's tennis (5th), men's cross country (6th), fencing (men's) (7th), baseball (9th), women's lacrosse (9th), and softball (9th). The Cardinal recorded points nine men's sports and the maximum of 10 women's sports. However, Stanford does not receive points for women's soccer, lacrosse or rowing as the Cardinal have already scored in the Directors' Cup maximum of 10 women's sports. Stanford averaged 60 points per sport.

Developed as a joint effort between USA Today and NACDA, the United States Sports Academy Directors' Cup program is the only all-sports competition that recognizes the institution in each of the four categories with the best overall athletics program.

UCLA completed the year in second place with 1,071.375 points, with national titles in women water polo and men's volleyball and runner-up finishes in women's soccer and men's basketball and outdoor track and field. The Bruins also placed third in softball; fifth in men's tennis; seventh in men's golf; ninth in women's volleyball and tennis; 11th in women's golf; 13th in football and women's gymnastics; 14th in women's outdoor track and field; 17th in women's basketball and men's soccer; 20th in women's swimming; and 33rd in baseball.

Rounding out the top five are the University of Texas, in third with 966 points; University of North Carolina, in fourth with 952.75 points; and the University of Florida, in fifth with 913 points."

A list of the Top 100 follows. Harvard is 69th and Yale is 80th.

1 Stanford (Calif.)
3 Texas
4 North Carolina
5 Florida
6 Notre Dame (Ind.)
7 California
8 Duke (N.C.)
9 Georgia
10 Southern California
11 Arizona
12 Ohio State
13 Arizona State
14 Tennessee
15 Penn State
16 Minnesota
17 Florida State
18 Washington
19 Nebraska
20 Louisiana State U.
21 Alabama
22 Wisconsin
23 Texas A&M
24 Michigan
25 Auburn (Ala.)
26 Virginia
27 Maryland
28 Arkansas
29 Northwestern (Ill.)
30 Oklahoma State
31 Brigham Young (Utah)
32 Baylor (Tex.)
33 Kentucky
34 North Carolina State
35 Purdue (Ind.)
36 Pepperdine (Calif.)
37 Oklahoma
38 Indiana
39 Clemson (S.C.)
40 Illinois
41 Colorado
42 Miami (Fla.)
43 South Carolina
44 Wake Forest (N.C.)
45 Virginia Tech
46 Michigan State
47 Princeton (N.J.)
48 Missouri
49 Southern Methodist (Tex.)
50 Georgia Tech
51 Boston College (Mass.)
52 West Virginia
53 Iowa 349
54 Louisville (Ky.)
55 Texas Christian U.
56 Utah
57 Oregon State
58 Connecticut
59 New Mexico
60 Kansas
61 Hawaii
62 Fresno State (Calif.)
63 Oregon
64 Vanderbilt (Tenn.)
65 Rice (Tex.)
66 Cornell (N.Y.)
67 Dartmouth (N.H.)
68 Georgetown (D.C.)
69 Harvard (Mass.)
70 Northern Iowa
71 Washington State
72 Nevada Las Vegas
73 Cal State Fullerton
73 Santa Clara (Calif.)
75 Mississippi
76 Rutgers (N.J.)
76 Texas El Paso
78 Providence (R.I.)
79 Florida Atlantic
80 Yale (Conn.)
81 Wichita State (Kan.)
82 Tulsa (Okla.)
83 Boise State (Idaho)
84 Brown (R.I.)
85 South Florida
85 Virginia Commonwealth
87 Villanova (Penn.)
88 Pennsylvania
89 Long Beach State (Calif.)
90 Northern Arizona
91 Pittsburgh (Penn.)
92 UC Santa Barbara
92 Wisconsin-Milwaukee
94 Kansas State
95 Richmond (Va.)
96 Hofstra (N.Y.)
97 Iowa State
98 George Mason (Va.)
99 San Diego State (Calif.)
100 Portland (Ore.)
100 Southern Illinois

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